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"Read here who are the true champions!"

Whereas the bible says that 'bodily exercise has only little value,' today we devote ourselves to sports, exercising, aerobics and what have you, as if our very lives depend on it. I am not saying that the bible is against all this, but we turn the winners into idols. But they are not gods. And when they fall down, we tend to forget them or even despise them. Everything, including the moneys paid, is way out of balance here. Do you really think it is that great to become the worldchamp by 1/1000th of a second?! What about all the cheating through doping? And what about all the scheming that is going on, the fights and so forth?

We need examples one may suppose. And indeed we do. We do need people we can identify with. Great men and women that lead us, that inspire us, that set us on our way and keep us going.

At the end of his life Moses was called the meekest person on earth. Solomon testifies: 'Let not your own mouth praise you' and elsewhere it says 'he that receives testimony from God, is truly praised indeed.' Now Moses, then, was a real hero!

Wouldn't you want to be a true champion? What, if after a life of hardship, effort and spiritual fatigue, you enter the heavens and God says to you: "Well done faithful servant, you were best in that or that." And so all Gods children will receive their respective rewards. They indeed are the true champs. The others, in the end, are actually major losers. They will not be able to take their rewards, money or whatever with them. It says somewhere in the Psalms that a person that keeps to God's ways 'rejoices as one that finds great spoils.' And indeed Christians are co-inheritors with Christ.

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