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THE NINTH COMMANDMENT: Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

Some expositors have attempted to weaken the meaning; some restricting it to a false witness in the case of (supposed) murder and yet again others in the case of (supposed) adultery. It should be evident that there is a difference between crime and transgression, even in the bible. But if one would only realize that a single sin of disobedience through heeding a lie, has brought havoc on all of creation and humanity; then one avoids weakening the sense of the Word of God.

But even this commandment can be exaggerated. If one demands too much openness as to things that belong between two other people and not to a third party, or between a believer and the Lord; then one exaggerates the command for truthfulness. Romish confession is such an exaggeration for truthfulness and caused by the theory that forgiveness hails down from the pope to the local priest. But the pope cannot forgive at all. He needs forgiveness himself. Only Christ can forgive us and His Father on basis of the Work on the cross. The idea of an indulgence, let alone a general pardon, is a sinful idea and a concoction of people.

I]    When you lie against your neighbor you set God aside Who has given the two greatest commandments that sum up all true laws and virtues: "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy strength and with all thy understanding" and "Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself." This is the second greatest commandment of which the Lord says that it is equal to the first! Love for God EQUALS then love for one's neighbor. To love God is to love one's neighbor and vice versa. This also means that one cannot truly love one's neighbor outside of true Love for God . . .

II]   When you lie against your neighbor you set yourself up as a false god together with the purpose for which you are lying.

III]   Thus your life is filled with mockery of God's Person, Who is holy, holy, holy and in Whom there is no darkness whatsoever.

IV]   This is doing your own thing instead of finding the 'sabbath rest' for your heart and soul.

V]   This is disobedience against the celestial Parents.

VI]   It is also assassination of the Truth, Who is Christ Jesus. Do not crucify Him all over again through your actions.

VII]   It is moreover spiritual communion with the dark prince of the 'powers of the air,' Satan.

VIII]   It is theft of your neighbor's right to know what is going on.

X]   And finally it is coveting a kind of privacy for yourself that in the end even will damage yourself rather than protect you. Do not fool yourself! And be warned that once you get into a habit of lying, things will grow worse to your own hurt.


But consider also Solomon: "Do not behave (or make yourself) too righteous and too wise, why would you destroy (others and/or yourself)?" However be careful not to say in your heart that you have been or are too truthful. It is better to be lenient on others and strict on yourself. For be warned by Solomon's next verse, that follows immediately: "Be not too great a fool and be not too godless, why would you die outside of your time?"

But remember also the Lord's words: "He that is not reliable in small matters, is not reliable (or truthful) in great matters either(!)." However there can be circumstances that are so oppressive that your emotional existence, livelihood, or even your life, are threatened. Even your own family, or (once reliable) church, can do this to you. Think then also on, if it is a matter of faith, the martyrs that willingly died for the Lord. If it is a matter of financial survival, remember the Ephesians that suffered the robbing of their households with joy; because they were deemed honorable by the Lord for ever. And think on Solomon: "Nobody despises somebody that steals for his hunger, but if he be caught, let him pay sevenfold." And then, there is also something like force majeure, or 'necessity breaks law(s)', in circumstances that force you to negate obligations and responsibilities.

And if you feel threatened emotionally, stay faithful as long as you can and open your mouth (communicate) and defend yourself from the bible as long as possible. For in these times 'Love has grown cold' and "know that in the last days (of this dispensation of time ((see The 7 Days of Human History and its 13 Kings)) ) there will be nasty times." The apostle Paul does allow a wife to separate from table and bed, but does not allow her to divorce; if you are oppressed by your husband, emotionally or even physically. If he or she is a psychiatric patient, do not blame demons; it is an illness and go away, if necessary; but do not remarry, but wait it out and if possible seek re-union. For else YOU are at fault. If family, relations and/or the church oppress you, stay true to the Lord and seek His help by reading the Psalms. If your fellow believers become so pharisaic, or such a bunch of Sadducees that lasting biblical iniquity is taking place, there is only one solution, go out: separate, or stay at home, or find shelter elsewhere. And for those that think they must assess and discipline (that is allowed [but judging and certainly condemning are from the evil one]) their fellow believers think on Solomon's words: "I beheld the place of judgment, and behold there was iniquity" and "Truly, oppression will even make a righteous man crazy."

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