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THE SIXTH COMMANDMENT: Thou shalt not kill (better translated with 'do not murder')

Also governments at war and for the death penalty (whether or not in the case of deserters) are NOT beyond this commandment. But there is such a thing, for them at least, as a legitimate killing; for the bible states that the government carries the sword of justice. I am convinced that dueling laws from the past, the shooting of trespassers and most cases of self-defense, are an excuse for murder. In some countries this is a legalized, national sin.

I]   When you murder somebody you insult his or her Maker in the first place, not to mention the relatives. However you can also murder somebody through gossip or even with a smear campaign. This is character homicide. When you murder somebody you are actually saying that he or she has committed the unpardonable sin against you, which must be paid for by death!

II]    You did this to set yourself up as god over that person, or in false honor to somebody else; all in the name of a greater good. But does the ideal hallow all means? Are you God so you do have the right to murder that person?

III]    Doing so you not only snuffed out, perhaps, in your eyes a bastard; you finished somebody created in God's likeness. If this is not making a mockery of God's holy Name, then what is?

IV]   Murder is indeed doing your own thing against God, your neighbor, but actually also against YOURSELF! When you take a life, you murder also yourself, spiritually.

V]    Murder is the ultimate disobedience against God the Father.

VII]    In order to commit a murder, you must allow the devil to take away your own innocence. You open then your heart and commit spiritual adultery with the father of murder, Satan.

VIII]   Murder is the grand THEFT of life!

IX]    Murder goes hand in hand with LYING about everything God stands for. He is the Giver of life.

X]    Whatever it is you covet when you murder somebody, you smashed through a lot of barriers before you came so far. But at any rate you COVETED something that involved taking a life.

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