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THE FIFTH COMMANDMENT: Honour thy father and thy mother.

Whereas the Pharisees in the days of Jesus diminished and distorted this commandment by claiming that an offering to the temple and therefore to God, was more important than feeding and supporting (suffering and elderly) parents; anti-authoritarian people in our day and age have allowed their children to get away with way too much freedom and liberty that amounts to disrespect.

Some forms of extended families and patriarchal structures exaggerate this commandment, by conferring too much power on the family head; not reckoning enough with the fact that a man and woman form a new and independent unit.

I]   The fifth commandment is the only commandment in Exodus 20 that comes with a promise: a long life upon earth. In the book of proverbs a godly life promises also riches. However we live in the time of the Church. And her character is first of all spiritual and heavenly. Do not be fooled by preachers that promise you instant physical health and wealth. The calling of the Church is heavenly, not earthly. In fact these preachers hold out an adulterated gospel . . . God wants to be your heavenly father and the Church is according to the bible the heavenly Jerusalem, which is called our mother. The Church (not church!) comprises all true believers wherever they are and whoever they are. To disobey the heavenly father (God Himself) and the heavenly mother (who speaks to you through true believers) is to reject the only true God.

II]    In doing so, you prefer (an)other god(s). Your god is that idol, leader or thinker that you have set up for yourself to deliver you. Your mother is all those emotions that are aroused when following your individual main goal. Your bible consists of all those false counsels that must help you towards that goal. Your altar is that one and only purpose on which you sacrifice your time, your money and ultimately your life and the lives of those that are around you in the world of your own creation.

III]    Even if you do everything in the Name of God, actually you are implying that God is vain and idle and that His Word is to no purpose. The true God, the God of the entire bible and the mother from above, the celestial Jerusalem, want to teach you riches and honor that do not fade away. Yours can be an eternal treasure that is secure in heaven, where there are no thieves and where there is no rust and decay. 'Where your treasure is there your heart will be' the Lord taught us. Is your treasure earthly things and temporary health? You will lose out then, eventually.

IV]   If you continue to do your own thing and to keep trying to find peace and quiet through your own ideas instead of God's, then one day God must say to you: "Depart from me, you worker of iniquity!" Your eternal place will then be the 'lake of fire, where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth and where the worm of your conscience does not die and where the soul fire is not quenched.'

VI]    In obedience to the true heavenly father and the true heavenly mother there is an eternal reward of spiritual health, honor and riches. Do not let your life be characterized by spiritual lies. Watch out for false doctrines that will mislead you and cloud up the Truth. There is only One and only True God and therefore there is only one Truth. 'I am the Way and the Truth and the Life; nobody comes to the Father but through Me' the Lord said (John 14.6). The true Church is called the pillar and stanchion of the truth by the apostle Paul and our 'mother'. To deny that one truth, or any aspect of it; is to deny the One and True God or an aspect of life that He would want to impart. In doing so you 'kill' the Truth, or an aspect of it, in your own heart.

VII]    To disobey the heavenly Father and mother is to commit spiritual adultery through the fellowship of your heart with demons that stand behind the lies you believe in. 'Prove the spirits if they are from God'.

VIII]   To disobey the heavenly Father and the Church is to steal something that does not belong to you. You have fooled yourself into believing that your heart must do this and have that. God must come against you in that way, for He can only honor you to the degree that you obey Him. 'Disobedience is like the sin of witchcraft and self-will is idolatry and iniquity' the prophet Samuel chided king Saul.

IX]    'Sin is lawlessness' and all sin goes against God and the Church. 'He that has my commandments and keeps them, he is the one that loves Me and he that loves Me will be loved by my Father and I will love him and I will reveal Myself to him' the Lord said. Every kind of sin is a lie that goes against the heavenly 'parents'.

X]    If you covet anything that is not in accordance with God's ideals for you personally then you desire something that is not meant for you. It belongs therefore to somebody else. Seek therefore the acceptable will of God for you personally. In that way you will please both the heavenly Father and the heavenly mother.

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