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THE TENTH COMMANDMENT: Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor anything that is thy neighbour's.

"Now for sure one cannot possibly exaggerate the tenth commandment," I can as it were hear somebody exclaim. But, yes, one can! For instance when one becomes afraid of spending one's money, even though one possesses enough of it and starts hording it and becomes a miser going sick with greed for the Mammon; then one exaggerates the tenth commandment. But the apostle Paul shares with us that he had learned to live with plenty and with little. He had been initiated in all things. So, he was neither a wasting highroller, nor a hording miser. One can then, through fear usually, exaggerate this commandment. If I dare not look into the window pane of a luxury shop, it can be that I have to check my morbid spending habits. But from thereon one can instill into oneself and others an UNDUE fear of desiring what is out there. I can make myself too afraid of desiring what my neighbor possesses. What I should do instead, if I want or need it that badly; is not to covet what is my neighbor's, but simply emulate him or her and save money for the same thing, or learn the same skill.
It is easier to see that one can diminish this commandment. In fact modern consumerism and the tinsel spread out all over the silver screen, seems to be geared to make us all run the treadmill of capitalism like so many rats caught up in a labyrinth.

I]    If you truly love your fellow (wo)man, then you see them as a fellow creation of the One and Only God, your own Maker. Actually all of humankind is one great family in the light of the bible. Consequently you are not jealous of what they are, own or do. If you do feel negative jealousy (not all jealousy is negative; there is such a thing as positive emulation and vying and positive, guarding jealousy), then you sin against God Who made them into what they are and Who gave them what they have.

II]   When you are jealous, you actually commit idolatry with an aspect of your neighbor's character, actions or possessions. You desire to be them, or you covet what they do or have; all without a healthy regard for the greater truth of human liberty and justice.

III]   Thusly you are making a mockery of God's Name. For God Himself allows that person his/her character, actions and belongings. Actually you are setting yourself up as if you were God yourself over that person.

IV]   Instead of finding heavenly rest through true love and spirituality, your heart is darkened and remains restless. Fear and anger are intertwined in your soul and they are the poles between which you can only spiral downwards, unless you break free from this vicious circle.

V]   Instead of honoring the heavenly Father and Mother (the Church composed of all true believers) you desire to be independent from true, emotional responsibility and loving, mature and longsuffering fellowship.

VI]   It says in the good Book of books that sinning is not only directed against God, but when you sin you actually commit violence against your own soul and you love death. That is also why eternal condemnation in hell is called the second death: eternal, spiritual separation from the Creator, Who is Love, Light and Life. When you are jealous of your fellow (wo)man, you KILL true Love, Light and Life. And you yourself are the first victim of it.

VII]   This is also spiritual and emotional adultery. It all begins in your heart and dwelling and brooding on it will sooner or later lead to action. James 1:15: 'Then, desire having conceived, gives birth to sin and sin having been completed, brings forth death.' In the previous verses it says that it is not God that tempts, but everybody is tempted by his/her own desire, being drawn out and baited.

VIII]   Jealousy robs you of your own dignity and debilitates you in your life. It is indeed 'death.' Do not steal from your precious life and that of your fellow (wo)man!

IX]   Jealousy is also a lie. It lies about the freedom of your fellow (wo)man and it belies all true virtue.

X]   Therefore, do not grudge anything your fellow (wo)man is, does or has. Love your neighbor as yourself. True love starts with accepting yourself and your fellow (wo)man!


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