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THE FIRST COMMANDMENT: Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

The human heart is crafty enough to say with the lips that all honor is due to God, but then in one's heart one reserves the weight of honor for oneself and one's idol(s); whether they be things, ideas, or persons. This is doing less than due to the Lord. Would it also be possible to do too much in some kind of shrewd way? Yes, people have exaggerated anything in the Bible. Any claim, theory, or practice that does desire to give all honor to God, but that in some way manipulates people and actually goes against other things written in the Word of God; they all might be exaggerations, based on some kind of aversion that is caused by fear for instance.

Perhaps this sounds as strange in your orthodox ears. How could one possibly give too much honor to God? But if you are too strict on your child, to mention something, in your discipline and that in God's Name and for the good cause; then in such a case you give too much honor to God. Do you understand? It is a question of balance. In the end the Lord Jesus Christ alone can give all honor to God. And He has indeed done that.

II]    When one does not give the Lord God the proper honor, but instead shares that honor with an idol or bestows it totally upon (an) idol(s); then one commits spiritual idolatry.

III]     In that case one uses His Name for something else (your car, motorcycle, hobby, etc.) on purpose or subconsciously. One uses His Name then in vain by implication.

IV]     One works then on the spiritual 'sabbath' by self-will rather than by grace and the Holy Spirit and by Christ. One is trying to live by one's own law(s), rather than by what God has to say. This applies also to those Christians that think they have to keep the law as a form of thankfulness. They have not understood the epistle to the Galatians very well.

V]    In that case one disobeys one's heavenly Father and mother, the new Jerusalem. The apostles are for the Church what the prophets of old were for the Jews. And one's fellowship with one's fellow Christians is part of the new Jerusalem. Christ also called those that do God's will his mother, brothers and sisters.

VI]    In that case one murders the real God in one's heart--deicide. One can impossibly murder God, so one harms oneself. But we have been created in His image and according to His likeness. He that sins against God, harms his own soul, for he belongs to God Who made him and bought him back through the precious blood of His Son.

VII]     One commits emotional and spiritual whoredom by not fully honoring the Lord. One must commit oneself to seeking the Lord with whole one's heart, with whole one's soul, with whole one's strength and with whole one's understanding!

VIII]    In that case you rob God of the honor that is only due to Him. It is grand theft of the first order.

IX]     One lies about His true witness and one makes Him a liar!

X]    One covets something that only belongs to God.


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