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Born for Glory!

Just like the acacia trees that were used for the tabernacle, so we have been taken out of the desert of the world. The acacia tree grew irregularly, then clockwise then counter clockwise and therefore was difficult to work with. Yet the Lord turns us into beautiful, straight boards. This tree had its roots tens of yards into the soil, as the water was located deeply. So we by nature are deeply rooted into a sinful world.

Not only does God turn us into neat boards, He also places us on silver footings and silver stands for atonement and reconciliation and so we have been atoned on basis of the precious blood of the Lord Jesus.

Also the boards were covered with gold and so God the Father sees us through the Lord Jesus Who Himself is pure gold.

Moreover we are living stones that are built up into the temple of the Holy Spirit and once, according to the N.T., we receive a stone on which only our name is written. And then it will be clear that we are all unique. Only the bearer and possessor of that name and stone knows the name written on it and in this way our relationship with the Lord will remain a mystery, only known to the bearer of the name and the Lord Jesus. A close and secret and eternal relationship with God the Son!

The temple of God is built on the foundation that the apostle Paul laid down and Christ is that foundation Who also calls Himself the corner stone on which the whole building rests, of which we are all members.

The Church, or Assembly (in Greek "ecclesia" 'a company called out') is the body of the Lord and the apostle Paul has betrothed us as a pure virgin to the Lord Jesus.

One day we will stand before Him without spot or wrinkle and then He will manifest Himself to us, at the Wedding of the Lamb. And not only that, we will be similar to Him, as the apostle John writes in his first letter.

Is this a funny dream for the naïe only? No, dear reader! It makes life worth the living. Does it really make sense to believe that all that energy that makes us up, simply disappears at death as if a blob of goo glides away into the sewer? Are we blips on the radar or are we meant to live forever? Is death not experienced generally as an enemy? And rightly so! The Lord Jesus wants to lift us up out of all the blood, sweat 'n tears to give us a glorious vision on eternity.

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