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Biblical Prophecies About Royalty

Bible texts are supposed to be understood and recognized, if not, use a concordance. It might sound strange to say an atheist that I have the pretense of knowing the future, but for Christians like me the Bible gives light and understanding way into the future. And not only for intellectual prowess, but as a light that illuminates our heart.

The 7 Days of Human History and its 13 Kings

the 7 days

their symbolism

the 13 kings

1st day, the test of conscience without law (paradise lost)
'Let there be light!'
Adam (1st king)
2nd day, the rule of law by the elders of the peoples (responsibility of the nations and of planet earth)
'the water below and the water above (roundabout the earth)'
Noah (2nd king)
3rd day, Israel as a nation called out of the watery sea of failing nations; Election 'from the foundation of the earth,' the Holy Spirit being UPON believers.(Of course this was already so in the case of Abel, but yet Abraham is spiritually his father (!)).
'the forming and coming forth of earthen territory out of the water and the sprouting of all sorts of greenery and verdure'
Abraham (3rd, but rather spiritual king)
David (4th king)
Solomon (5th king, including his descendants; but they are to be seen as an extension of his kingdom: because he and his son failed the kingdom was eventually granted to the 6th king!)
Nebuchadnezzar (6th king) (the beginning of the 'times of the Gentiles' [they get a new chance] and the beginning of the 70 year-weeks of Daniel), the gold head of the statue of Daniel, the lion with the human heart and eagles' wings
Cyrus (7th king), the shoulders of silver, the bear (but no human understanding anymore as a national testimony that understands and obeys the divinity, except yet in the person of Cyrus himself)
Alexander (8th king), the belly of copper, the he-goat with the horn, that as it were flies over the earth
the Roman Empire, the hips and legs of iron, the mythological monster (the rule of the 9th kings, to be subdivided into 8 kings themselves) 5 (kings, consuls, military tribunes, triumvirates [and/or] decemvirs and dictators as the 5th) have fallen and one is (while John wrote that!); now transmuted into popery, also called caesaropapism as it began. The end of the 69th year-week of Daniel took place in probably 28/29 A.D. on the cross, for it says: 'and Messiah . . . will have nothing [the correct translation]' (Daniel 9. 26).
4th day, Israel set aside as a divine, national and earthly testimony; the calling out of individuals and the heavenly calling of the Church, literally the 'Assembly that has been called out of [the gentiles and Jewry]'; Election 'from before the foundation of the earth,' the Holy Spirit living WITHIN believers. The beginning of the Church at Pentecost, not with Adam (sic!) [This is a one time event and it is nonsense by charismatics to try to call spiritual fire upon yourself and others. The entire baptism in the Holy Spirit is a dangerous lie (sic!) that calls demons up rather than cast them out. As soon as you 'confess with your mouth' that Jesus is Lord and 'believe with your heart that Christ is risen,' you are saved and you have the Holy Spirit in you].
the sun (Christ) and the moon (the Church) and the stars (as individual members; or perhaps O.T. and future saints of other days are meant?)
popery in the Latin West and less pretentious forms in the Greek East, the 2 legs of iron of the statue of Daniel (God does not rule directly anymore and in an obvious manner through an earthly testimony, but mysteriously): [the spiritual leftover of the Roman empire and the mix-up with faith and what have you]; the coming of the Lord to translate the Church to heaven (this is the advent in the Shekinah clouds; 1 Thess. 4)
5th day (some think and say this stands for trials); the election being again from the foundation of the earth and the Holy Spirit again only coming UPON believers.
'the fowl of heaven and the fish of the sea and the great creatures of the ocean'
'the conversion of the entire world as the ultimate Nineveh (like Nineveh the world will become apostate again and overflow Israel ((see prophets like Joel 2. 1-11 and prophecies about the king of the North)) ); 'until the fullness of the gentiles have come in' (this does not speak of the Church, the Bride of Christ, who is rather called out of the gentiles ((and Jewry)); here is spoken of the fulness of the gentiles; Rom. 11.25); 'a nation that has no understanding' 'will make Israel (not only Jewry, also the 10 tribes (sic!)) jealous' through bearing 'its fruit,' according to the Christ; the death of popery (what is left over of the 6th Roman king [the Caesars]), that is the mortal wound of Rev. 13: and the vomiting out of Laodicea, the lukewarm church at the beginning of this day.

The 10th king must be the child-king predicted in Ecclesiastes, about whom it is said that 'everybody (therefore all people) under the sun' walked (better: 'energetically walking to and fro' [an intensive form of the verb is used]) with "him" (or followed him) and also a "them" is mentioned. Perhaps Lemuel from the Proverbs as a spiritual figure head [perhaps the same man that is called Ithiel and Uccal] supervising;
6th day, which is the 3rd day of Hoshea for Israel ['after 2 days and upon the 3rd I will revive you'] (the coming back of Elijah in all probability) and the re-uptake by the Lord of dealing directly with the earthly and national testimony of Israel; at the beginning of this day the swords must be changed into ploughshares, not only nationally but internationally. For at the end of this day, in accordance with a prophecy [Joel 3. 10], faithful Israelites are called upon 'to change their ploughshares (back) into swords' and at the beginning of the Millennium Gog and Magog deploy horses and freshly made weapons of wood mainly; because it has been predicted that Israel, at rest in the beginning of the Millennium, will have wood enough to burn for 7 years and so many months to bury all the corpses of the attackers [that will die by a spontaneous and mysterious virus that attacks the eyes instantly in the very sockets].
'the forming of the animals (nations!?)' and the creation of the new 'Man' and 'Woman,'(Christ and Israel [spearheaded in the earthly Jerusalem--now called 'Sodom and Egypt;" ((therefore the enthusiasm of many evangelicals and Pentecostals is misplaced)) as an earthly testimony; the heavenly testimony being the Church--spearheaded in the heavenly Jerusalem]);'a crowd that nobody can count' will become believers (It must take very many years (sic!) to build up a crowd like that and therefore I think that in the end heaven will be fuller than hell. Also Solomon stated that 'the honor of a king is in the number of his subjects.'
the book of Nehemiah also mentions the procession of Lemuel without any obvious connection (Nehemiah 12. 38; some translate 'the procession of Lemuel' with 'went to meet them', which is not even remotely correct). Now the book of Ezra/Nehemiah (in the Hebrew bible a single book) is seen as a book of restoration.
the 11th king (who is the 7th of the Roman subdivision, to be there only for a 'short period') the re-appearance and renewal of the Roman empire, the '10 toes of iron mixed with miry clay,' of Daniel's statue, (only 'then' and not 'tomorrow' or upon the coming of the Lord on the Shekinah clouds for the Church)
the 12th king (the beast, 666, the 8th of the Roman 'kings [read 'forms of government'],' that comes or re-appears out of the 7 and out of the bottomless pit, into which he has to be thrown yet! For God will resurrect also the beast to be ((Julius Caesar?)) and the false prophet, Judas, also called the 'man of perdition' as well as 'antichrist' (((being also the 2nd beast of Rev. 13, to be distinguished, as many do not, from the 1st beast. The one comes from the 'sea' of nations and the other from the 'earth' [i.e. Israel]))). Remember that they are thrown 'alive' into the lake of fire. This can only be if they have received their eternal resurrection bodies first! [perhaps he will attempt something upon the resurrection and rapture on the 5th day? But without success.]), reigning together with 10 'presidents,' the 10 toes of miry clay and iron of the statue of Daniel, over 10 territories of the once to be renewed Roman Empire. The beginning of the 70th year-week of Daniel is to be placed almost at the very end of this day and the time of 'Jacob's trouble' must be the latter half of this week [because the antichrist interrupts the service of worship at the half of the week and the 'image of desolation/desolator' will be there then also]. This period of 3 1/2 years is also called the Day (of Wrath) of the Lord and takes place during the Apocalypse. This week does therefore not begin immediately after the Rapture of the Church, as some mistakenly assume. The long interruption between Daniels 69th and 70th week, must have to do with 'the covenant with hell' [read 'entente' or something like that] (see also: The Sycamore, Fig Tree and Olive Branches) that faithless Israelites will make with the beast and the antichrist. At any rate the interruption started when the Pharisees had 'filled the measure,' in the Lord's own words. The end of Daniel's statue [the beast had been cast into the lake of fire before this, but what remains of the influences of the gold (Nebuchadnezzar), the silver (Medes and Persians) and the copper (Alexander the Great) last yet a little longer]. Then at the finish the end of the 'times of the gentiles' (to be distinguished from the 'fulness of the gentiles', i.e. the conversion and salvation of people out of the nations after the Bride has been taken up in the clouds), that began with Nebuchadnezzar; Luke 21.24.
7th day (paradise regained), the separation of the goat and the sheep nations [think of Peter's 2nd fish catch; so many nations will enter the Millennium and the 'knowledge of the Lord' will be in the hearts of Israelites 'as the waters cover the bottom of the sea.'] and of individuals (on one bed 'one will be taken and another one will remain' [by the angels that separate the 'chaff from the wheat'], so also in the mill)
quiet and rest for humankind, the Millennium during which righteousness will reign
Christ as the 13th king ('the Father works and I work') will then have come back as the 'lion of Judah' and He will rest, being glorified with all honor as the Lord of lords and the King of kings; this is the advent on mount Olives in accordance with Zachariah. At the beginning of this dispensation the 'times of the gentiles' will end, the finishing of Daniel's statue, when the Rock 'hewed out without the work of hands' [i.e. the Christ] will smash the entire statue and pulverize it. The 3 first 'materials' of Daniel's statue will have a short time to live and then Israel will reign over the nations. The believers of all dispensations will receive their (earthly) reward here, unless they fell short; even though they are eternally saved (Be warned, then, by verses like: "Unless your righteousness surpass that of the scribes and of the Pharisees, you cannot enter the kingdom.")! [The word for Ahavah--love in Hebrew--has the numerical worth of 13 and so is not at all a sign of bad luck in this case; other than that the number 13 in the bible can stand both for unity and rebellion: just like 7 can be perfectly evil and perfectly good]
8th day, the new beginning, the first day of the week; 'God all in all!'
the new heaven and the new earth in which 'righteousness will dwell' ('I make all things new.')
the 14th king is God the Father, Who must be for Whom the title 'God of gods' (i.e. both the believers herein that they represent God and the holy angels [who will punish the fallen angels that are not to be governed by Satan in hell, as Dante seems to suggest; but who himself will be 'tortured day and night until the ages of the ages' in the lake of fire]) will be reserved, which the Christ is not called. Now Christ returns everything back to the Father, but yet His Kingdom is an eternal kingdom. And so the nation of Israel, all 12 tribes as mentioned in the Apocalypse, except for Dan that started the offering to idols, will rule for ever over all the other nations (not just in the Millennium). 'And they will reign unto the ages of the ages!' The Assembly (i.e. the Church with a capital 'c', consisting of all truly born-again believers, not to be identified with any denomination) from heaven, of course.

If, on the 6th day there is going to come an important king, then God the Father is the 14th king (on the 8th day). It is likely that that king will be there after the Rapture, on the 5th day; as that day probably will be a difficult time for humankind. The only real candidate is the child-king from Ecclesiastes: "And there was no end of all the people, of all those that were before them; but those in the end will have no joy in him: also this is vanity and chasing of the wind." This cannot be rightly applied to Christ as He was 30 at the beginning of His public ministry, but in Ecclesiastes it is about a child (spiritually?) and it obviously never happened yet, for it will be a global development while the child-king is on earth. (Perhaps this 'king' must be placed in the 5th day as a kind of figure head for all the nations. I am not sure). Probably the 'poor and wise man' from Ecclesiastes, who will have been collectively forgotten, is not Christ either (for throughout Christendom He has been remembered and here and there honored by true believers; however spiritually he is a picture of Christ Who rescued us from the devil at Golgotha and Who was forgotten even by His followers, us Christians, as to the central message that we must love each other in the way our Lord meant it), just as he that 'ascended to heaven and descended' ('what is his name and what is the name of his son'), cannot be really the Father and the Son, either; as the order is reversed. Moreover the Father has not descended and gone up! Apparently somebody will go, alone, to heaven and come down again (unless Henoch or Elijah is meant) and another person will go down into the bottomless pit (the beast, who will also come out of it) [see Rom. 10. 6-8]. This was already spoken of by Moses (Deut. 30. 12).

I am aware that the involution, the decrease of the value of the materials in the statue of Daniel, goes against any evolutionary view of history. But also Solomon said: 'Do not say of the old days that they were better, for thou wilt not ask for wisdom in this way.' This is a paradox, and fortunately the Ruler of heaven and earth gives each period also something good, no matter how dark the times.

To many Christians, also among evangelicals with their 'left behind' movies, as if there is some great urgency and catastrophe waiting and ready to befall us, it might seem strange that I put in a 5th and 6th day before the Millennium. But then again, think about it! I am conscious of the fact that the Holy Spirit has been taken up and forever remains IN the Church, but I believe that He will come, as in O.T. times, UPON a 'foolish nation' that will provoke Israel to jealousy through bearing "its fruit," to be revived on Hoshea's 3rd day, the 6th day of human history. Again I say, think about it with an open heart and an open mind. It cannot be said that the Church is that nation, as it has miserably failed and has rather provoked Israel to enmity and disappointment. The church (with a small 'c' deliberately to denote untrue believers) ends in Laodicea, the lukewarm church that will be 'vomited out' and remain outside. There will be no end time triumph for Christendom, and at best, in the end, a small revival here and there. But thanks to the Lord the period of Philadelphia will come in between. See here about that.

Scripture verses like "This generation will not pass by . . ." and "This generation" will be visited "by the blood of Abel to Zachariah" (Mat. 12. 41; 23. 36; 24. 34; Lu. 11. 51, etc.) is not to be understood as having a literal life-span now; but in the first place is to be understood morally. The generation spoken of began in the time of Jesus and will end in the time of 'Jacob's trouble' (Jer. 30. 7), the latter half of Daniel's 70th year-week. Then certainly will it be visited and condemned by people like the queen of Sheba and the Ninevites.

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